Increase Your Focus. Productivity can be fun too!

Stay focused and unlock cool rewards and puzzle games that will make you more motivated and your brain stronger.

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Plan Your Tasks

First, split your work into tasks that can be completed in 5-7 minutes on average — plan for at least four focus sessions ahead of you. You can plan on the mobile app and the desktop!

Launch Focus Timer

Set the length of a focus session you’re comfortable with, and start your first session. Complete your tasks for that session. Take a break. Repeat until done.

Get Fun Rewards

Just after a few focus sessions, you’ll unlock your first inspiring quote, piece of biography, and brain game. As you stay productive more and more, you’ll unlock further rewards.

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Inspiring And Fun Unlocks

Every time you complete a task and complete a full focus session, we’ll reward you with tons of star points. You can use these to unlock and play cool games for your brain!

Biographies of successful people

As you gain star points by focusing on your most important projects, you’ll unlock bite-sized pieces of biographies of successful folks, and inspirational quotes from them.

Learn to focus better and get more star points

If you split your tasks small enough and you can complete your session plan in time, you’re going to get twice as many points. It’s a great incentive to get better at planning and focusing!

Challenge mode

Enable special challenge mode to complete 150% more tasks in a single focus session and get even more rewards!

Reward Yourself With Engaging Brain Games

We have prepared a variety of puzzle games for you specifically designed to make your brain more powerful! Once you gain enough star points by completing your project tasks, you’ll be able to unlock a new game or play one of your favourites.

Fun, engaging, and healthy for your brain

These games are fun, keep you engaged, and are like an exercise for your brain. They are the perfect reward after a good productive session of work on your most important thing.

Work first — then play

This order is enforced by gain and spend of star points. If you haven’t done the work yet, you’ll have no points to start your favorite brain game. It takes 3-6 focus sessions to get enough points.

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I’m trying to put work in my side-hustle but unable to focus after full day of work on a job. Will this app help me?

Yes! This app specifically designed to replace your usual evening after-work entertainment with a productive focus time.

I find it hard to keep working on a single thing for more than a few minutes. Distractions are everywhere! Is this app for me?

Yes! We’ve designed the reward system in a way that your brain will rewire itself to complete more work in smaller whole chunks.

Can I use this app for work as an employee?

Absolutely! We’re confident that your employer will be pleasantly surprised by your productivity when you do. 😉

Can I use this app as a freelancer for client work?

Yep! Being more productive and efficient will give you an edge among the competition and will leave more free time for yourself and for the growth of your freelance practice. As a side effect, you’ll be better at a project estimation if you master this focus technique.

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